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Is CCNA Worth in 2024?

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One of the most widely recognized IT certifications is the Cisco Certified Networking Associate (CCNA). The primary goal of the cisco ccna certification is to provide you with the knowledge and abilities necessary to keep pace with the rapid advancement of technology in today’s high-tech networking environment. The CCNA certifies your networking knowledge.

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Concentration Paths for CCNA Certifications

CCNA certification is a prerequisite for pursuing one of three distinct specializations that will give you the knowledge, skills, tools, and resources you need to succeed in your professional life. 

Troubleshooting and monitoring network devices are part of the CCNA Security certification process, which ensures data and network integrity, confidentiality, and availability. Working as a security administrator, network security specialist, or network support engineer is possible with a CCNA Security certification.

Voice over IP (VoIP), IP PBX, handsets, voicemail systems, and call control are all covered in the CCNA Voice certification exam. It’s possible for a CCNA Voice expert to work as a manager, administrator, and engineer in the voice industry.

Cisco equipment is used to configure, implement, and support wireless LANs in the CCNA Wireless certification. It is possible to work as a WLAN project manager and a wireless support specialist with a CCNA Wireless certification

Is it worth getting CCNA?

Is obtaining a CCNA certification worthwhile for tech people? Reasons why the answer to this question is clear Yes!

Demonstrate your eligibility as a candidate.

Cisco recently requested a third-party consultant to conduct a survey that revealed the importance of training and certification programs in attracting and retaining qualified candidates for specialized networking positions. Professional certifications, after a four-year degree, are the next most common requirement for employment, according to the study. The percentage of candidates with a CCNA certification was 49 percent, while the percentage of candidates with a bachelor’s degree was 51 percent.

For the first time ever, a social network is being used for learning in the Cisco Learning Network. Wikis, blogs, collaborative tools, file-sharing, and other Web 2.0 features abound in this neighborhood. Many services are available through the network, such as training and certification, simulation labs, roadmaps, internships in corporations or in their divisions, job postings and employee referrals, mentorship, and more. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to learning about networking on the Cisco Learning Network.

Combination of education and practical experience

Getting certified is a sure shot way to improve your skills and knowledge in your field. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been working in the industry; you’ll always be learning new things that will help you advance your career. Several advances in the industry can be observed through the certification process.

Conquest in one's career

There are many benefits of adding certifications to your resume or CV. The CCNA credential is globally recognized, so you can take your skills with you wherever you go. After receiving your certification, you may even be eligible for a raise.

Other Certifications Based on CCNA

In addition to the CCNA Security, Voice, and Wireless certifications, you can also earn the CCNP expert-level certification by passing the CCNA Security exam.

Students with valid CCNA certifications who wish to enroll in a course at a university can earn up to six credits toward their degree requirements.

Boosts the Employer's Profits

If you ask any employer, they’ll tell you that IT professionals who are certified can work in the highly competitive field. A certification is a proof to an employer that you possess the knowledge and abilities required for the position.


Global demand for networking professionals is expected to rise in the coming years due to the increasing sophistication of networking technologies. Simplilearn’s CCNA certification training is taught by qualified professionals with many years of experience and can help you get started.

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Cisco Training Perth is playing significant role in developing local information technology networking skills to meet Cisco CCNA professional demand in Perth, Western Australia.

As per Australian Job Outlook, there will be a high need for computer network specialists, especially network engineers.


By attending Cisco CCNA Training with CTP, Perth Future Network Engineers will be able to transform their career into high-income jobs or achieve growth.

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