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#1 Cisco CCNA Preparation Course – Perth

Cisco CCNA Preparation Course

So, you have a passion for computers and like assisting others. Technology excites you if your job involves staying on top of it. Maybe you’ve taken a few courses in networking or support, or maybe you’re a new network specialist at a new company.

Because there are so many alternatives and paths you might follow when thinking about your next professional move, it can be frightening.

It’s possible to become a CCNA certified network administrator, although the CCNA certification is notoriously tough and costly. Hence, it is necessary to ascertain whether or not you are really interested in continuing your education in order to become a Certified Cisco Network Administrator.


CCNA Training & Certification Course

This CCNA Training Course & Exam preparation in Perth will give you a head start on your Cisco career path.

Cisco CCNA Certification Exam

The Cisco CCNA® (Cisco Certified Network Associate) certification validates your skills to set up, configure, and manage small to medium-sized computer networks. It encompasses cutting-edge technology, programming skills, and job responsibilities.

It assists in the implementation and verification of Wide Area Network connections (WAN).

Our CCNA Exam preparation course in Perth equips students with the knowledge and skills necessary to build and protect networks. It offers a wide spectrum of IT employment requirements categorized by technology, skill set, and job type.

Face to Face Class Room Training

2 x 3 Weekends (Sat/Sun) Face to Face Classroom Training in Perth

Cisco CCNA Exam Preparation Key Topics





  • Role and functions of network components, network topology architectures
  • Network cables, interfaces, types, issues
  • TCP vs UDP
  • Configure and verify IP addressing/subnetting 
  • IP Connectivity & routing protocols
  • Compare, Configure, & validate IPv6 addressing and prefix
  • Describe wireless principles
  • Security Fundamentals: VPNs, wireless security, port security
  • Network Access: VLANs and trunking, EtherChannel
  • Network Automation and Programmability
  • Access real cisco equipment, labs, and exam scenarios

Cisco CCNA Certification Scope

Network engineers plan, design, create, execute, and maintain enterprises’ and organizations’ computer networks. Network engineers are responsible for maintaining these critical systems, which may involve evaluating performance, doing routine maintenance, identifying faults, and resolving difficulties.

A Bachelor’s degree in computer science, information systems, or computer engineering is often necessary to work as a network engineer in Australia. However, a Cisco certification has been considered as a big tick in the job market for network engineers.

Network Engineer jobs in Perth Australia

The average salary for a Cisco certified professional in Perth WA Australia with work experience ranges from $75k to $130k and for beginners, the average salary is $50k to $75k.

According to demand for computer network professionals and future growth is very strong with weekly pay approx. $2000 / week. It is likely that demand for network engineers will reach 64,000 by 2025.

Cisco Systems is the market leader in network technology, and possessing a Cisco certification will be quite advantageous for a professional pursuing a successful career in the networking area.

Cisco CCNA Training Course Overview

CCNA course from Cisco Training in Perth assists professionals in grasping the fundamentals of networking while also improving their client service and communication abilities.

It also improves job options across industries and demonstrates a professional’s ability to comprehend and run networks. This comprises the verification and installation of connections, as well as the operation and monitoring of networks.

This CCNA course teaches students how to configure and operate local area network (LAN) and wide area network (WAN) services for small networks.

From understanding point-to-point networks to teaching protocols for network connectivity, this program covers it all.

Additionally, the CCNA® credential serves as a requirement for a number of other Cisco certifications.

Cisco CCNA Training Course Objectives

To develop a plan to monitor performance

Aid project using WAN/LAN effectively

Attain new skills

To stay focused on changing trends and advancements

Get hike in salaries

Expand networking opportunities

Boost confidence with newly gained skills

To acquire the CCNA certification you will need to pass CISCO CCNA 200-301 exam that covers the following topics:

IP Data Networks

LAN Switching

IP Addressing

P Routing

IP services

Network Security


Wan technologies

Who Should Take CCNA certification

The Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) credential is a well-respected one for networking professionals all around the world. Here are a few examples:

Network specialists

Network engineers

Network administrators

Network support engineers

Cisco CCNA Certification Advantages & Skills Acquired

The CCNA certification program teaches a variety of skills, including troubleshooting, configuring and monitoring, IP addressing, and network administration. Additionally, it develops communication, organizational, and analytical abilities.

• Strong command of switching and routing abilities 

• Working knowledge of LAN technologies, switches, cables, and bridges 

• A strong foundation for networking technology 

• Complete command of Inter-VLAN routing

• Learning IP and LAN switch technology

Cisco CCNA Certification - Professional Advantages

• Enhances team management and teamwork

• Assists in obtaining better networking positions

• Establishes a solid foundation in the area, instilling confidence in the person

• Assists in showing the candidate’s competency in the subject

Cisco CCNA Exam Preparation Prerequisites

The CCNA course has no prerequisites.

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