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Online Cisco CCNA Training & Examination Preparation Course is not Fit for All

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Even with the recent interest and overwhelming demand and flexibility for online Cisco Training & Examination Preparation Courses in Perth & around Australia, it is essential to recognize that certain subjects especially technical hands-on courses do not deliver maximum benefits to students and should not be taught online only; According to a recent survey, 60% of students who have recently transitioned to an online-learning system found the experience tedious and struggled to pay attention in class.

The electronic medium does not allow for the most effective method of providing experience to deal with actual Cisco networking equipment. There are tools to cover that gap but access to real Cisco CCNA equipment make huge difference when it comes to delivery of actual tasks in real environment and achieve learning objectives based on the feedback from students and employers.

Hybrid Cisco CCNA Certification and Examination Preparation courses may provide a temporary solution to this problem, making some portion of the training course more accessible to a larger number of individuals who would otherwise have trouble getting to campus. However, such solutions demonstrate that online education cannot meet all educational needs and objectives. Although it may be technologically feasible to simulate a physical learning environment, this does not necessarily make it the most effective method of instruction for technical trainings like Cisco CCNA.

Biggest Challenges Taking Cisco CCNA Course Online

Cisco Training in class

1. Lack of Motivation

There’s no such thing as 100% engagement in technical training like Cisco CCNA when delivered online. There will always be students who struggle with the loss of attention and motivation to keep up with the course and even some who drop out just because the virtual delivery of technical subjects is not interactive. However, face to face Cisco CCNA Training removes that issue completely and provides students enough opportunities to

  • Face to Face discussions on key topics
  • Whiteboards with incentives to participate
  • Practical sessions with hands-on Cisco Equipment where students implement concepts as they learn

2. Training with Cisco Equipment

Cisco CCNA Training delivered with practical demonstration ensures that students get confidence and maximum benefit while performing networking-related tasks in the actual job environment.

Soft tools like Packet Tracer are a good source to quickly see what will happen when the certain solution is implemented, however working on real cisco equipment provide more opportunities to understand concepts and confidence to plug in/out cables and access real device configurations.

At Cisco Training Perth, our course delivery is a 1:1 ratio, each student is given access to a dedicated desktop network rack to feel the actual equipment and practice labs prior to commencing the real job.

3. Lack of Discipline

Maintaining self-discipline is essential for success in online learning as there is no one to monitor, assess, control, and direct you. Self-Discipline is the key to success while doing technical training like Cisco CCNA. However, in face-to-face training, Cisco Training Perth qualified trainers will monitor your performance to make sure all key topics listed on Cisco CCNA Certification Exams are covered and understood.

Besides; the combination of classroom and hands-on Cisco CCNA training can significantly improve retention. When examining retention rates, researchers discovered that students retain only 5% of the material presented via lecture, but 75% when taught through hands-on participation.

Cisco CCNA Training Perth
In Class Cisco CCNA Training Perth

4. Lack of In-Person Interaction

The physical presence inside a Cisco Training Classroom with a CCNA Trainer and fellow peers often leads to an atmosphere that can’t be replicated through virtual/online sessions. The face-to-face training encourages discipline because students cannot turn off their webcams and fall asleep. Physical classrooms also allow for teachers to provide more personal attention to each student’s needs, respond to questions and demonstrate concepts on real equipment.

About Cisco Training Perth

Cisco Training Perth is playing significant role in developing local information technology networking skills to meet Cisco CCNA professional demand in Perth, Western Australia.

According to Australian Job Outlook the demand for Computer Network professionals including Telecom Engineers is set to grow very strong.


By attending Cisco CCNA Training with CTP, Perth Future Network Engineers will be able to transform their career into high-income jobs or achieve growth.

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