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Top Reasons To Become CCNA Certified

Hello Perth ! Why you should get CCNA?

Do you want to become a CCNA? Well! In your IT profession, the CCNA 200 -301 (Cisco Certified Network Associate) will act as a pillar. It is a beginner-level networking certification offered by Cisco that employs Cisco technologies, products and solutions.

Professional Advantages of CCNA

Cisco certification is a process that helps both organisations and employees. The CCNA 200-301  certification has helped many people advance in their careers. This accreditation process gives them genuine benefits and expertise. Many IT professionals feel the need to obtain a CCNA certification, even after ten years or more of experience in the IT business.

Perth future IT professional ! after passing your Cisco CCNA 200-301 certification exam you will be ready for in demand networking job.

The Top 10 Reasons to get a CCNA - Perth

  1. The CCNA certification is accepted in Perth & Australia Wide
  2. When compared to their non-certified competitors, professionals holding the coveted CCNA qualification are entitled to higher paying jobs.
  3. Currently, CCNA is requirement for almost every IT job and having the CCNA qualification is a good way to get noticed by WA IT companies or even clients.
  4. CCNA certification will improve your knowledge and expertise about networking basics and more.
  5. Are you currently work with an IT firm? Having CCNA certification can almost surely enhance your possibilities of promotion.
  6. You want all of your coworkers to appreciate you more? If you have the CCNA certification, you can make this goal a reality.
  7. The CCNA certification will undoubtedly assist you in transitioning from your current employment to a higher-paying and more challenging networking position.

Cisco CCNA is in demand

Perth, WA employers crave the best-qualified Cisco CCNA Certified candidates; it is as simple as that! 

  • Cisco certified personnel provide more value to their firm and are more knowledgeable than non-Cisco certified job applicants, according to 93 percent of companies in Australia.
  • Cisco partners are only required to recruit candidates who have earned their Cisco Certifications like CCNA. As a result, many businesses consider Cisco certification to be a requirement. All of these factors strongly indicate that after you obtain the CCNA certification, you would be “in-demand” in the IT sector — straightaway!

Do You Really Need the CCNA Certificate?

Even if you received a first-class diploma or a graduation, it is fact that  your grades do not reflect extraordinary IT abilities. So, in your job application, how would you present these skills? The Cisco Certification actually becomes a big differentiator in such cases.

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