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Terms & Condition

The Cisco Training Perth (hereafter referred to as the “company”, “CTP”, “we”, “us”, and “our”).
We encourage prospective clients to read CTP terms and conditions, prior to any purchases.
These Terms of Use (The Terms of Use) govern the use of the websites and services (the Services) of CTP; a Perth Based Western Australian Private Training Provider, in addition to any supplemental terms applicable to any features, content, and functionality of the Services, which such supplemental terms are incorporated by reference into the Terms of Use. By using the Services, Users agree to be bound by these Terms of Use, our Privacy Policy, all applicable laws and all conditions or policies referenced here (collectively, the Terms). CTP may amend the Terms at any time by posting a revised version of the Terms on our Services. Access to or continued use of the Services after the effective date of the revised Terms constitutes your acceptance of the revised Terms.


  • The “Company”, “Cisco Training Perth’’, “CTP”, “We”, “Us”, “Our” – this refers to Cisco Training Perth.
  • “Client”, “Delegates”, “Your”, “You” – this refers to the individual purchasing from Cisco Training Perth that intends to attend a training event.
  • “Trainee”, “Student, “Learner” – this refers to the person who is going to attend training.
  • “Mode” of training as Classroom Training, Online Training, Live Online Instructor-Led Training.
  • Lead Trainers and SME – Subject Matter Expert SME or Trainers at Cisco Training Perth
  • “The Website” – this refers to
  • “Booking Form”, “Enrolment Form”, – this is an agreement between The Cisco Training Perth and its clients/trainee/student/learner, about prospective delivery of services.
  • “Joining Instructions” – this refers to a set of instructions that are given to clients upon receipt of payment, regarding event-related details.

Eligibility to Use the Services

Without authorisation, users under the age of 18 are not permitted to access the Services. Users between the ages of 13 and 17 are permitted to use the Services with the agreement and supervision of a parent or legal guardian who is at least 18 years old, provided that such parent or legal guardian also agrees to be bound by the Terms and accepts responsibility for such use of the Services. Users who have been barred from accessing the Services are unable to use them again. CTP maintains the right to deny anybody access to the Services, as well as to reject, cancel, interrupt, delete, or stop any Online access or training chosen by delegates, or the Services, at any time and without notice for any reason.

“CTP” is Professional Training & Coaching Service Provider with head office in Perth, Western Australia

CTP (Cisco Training Perth) is an online, face to face training & coaching company for people and entities seeking to raise their standards of handling day to day work with expert proven techniques.

CTP does not market/sale its services through third party resellers

Delegates Terms of Use:
Thank you for your interest in our training courses. We make sure that our users have a great time discovering, evaluating, and purchasing our trainings. The Refund Policy, like any other online transaction, is subject to restrictions and limitations. You agree to our Terms of Use Policy, Privacy Policy, and Refund Policy when you purchase a training course on CTP.


  • The course fee(s), including GST, are payable in full immediately upon receipt of the invoice. Clients wishing to make payments thru credit cards must be responsible for all bank charges in relation to the transactions.
  • All administration fees for cancellations are payable immediately upon receipt of the invoice. The Terms of this agreement override over any other terms of business or purchase conditions put forward by the client.
  • Once a partial or full payment has been processed, over the phone or on the website by the following methods: Debit Card, Credit Card, Bank transfer, the Client will adhere to Our terms and conditions, irrespective of a booking form having been signed. 
  • All payments shall be made in cleared funds, without any deduction or set-off and free and clear of and without deduction for or on account of any taxes, levies, imports, duties, charges, fees, and withholdings of any nature now or hereafter imposed by any governmental, fiscal or other authority save as required by law. If a customer is compelled to make any such deduction, it will pay to the receiving Party, Cisco Training Perth, such additional amounts as are necessary to ensure receipt of the full amount which that party would have received but for the deduction.
  • All payments must be received, regardless of payment terms, prior to training, access to training material being issued or delivered by the CTP.
  • It is the responsibility of the Client to ensure that the person that approved the purchase of a product, has the correct purchasing authority.

Refund Policy for Delegates and Corporate Offices:

Delegates are requested to read the terms of use before making any refund or claim or dispute. CTP reserves the right to terminate User Accounts and remove from the training venue for any abuse basic professional ethics policy.

1. Classroom Training Or Live Virtual classes

After booking the class if there are any changes in attendance date on attending the workshop, the participant must inform us (CTP) 14 working days prior to the training start date, change in attending can be moved to a future date without extra charge only on medical reasons. However, after booking the class, if participants do not show up for the class, No Refund will be granted. 

All cancellations must be notified over email and should get acknowledgment, the refunds will be provided as below:

If CTP cancels the classroom training, delegates must attend Online Live Virtual Class or ask for partial refund which is difference amount from Classroom to Live Online. At any circumstance know this there is no refund after placing the order (Booking, Registering, Enrolling).
All registrations should be made at least two to four weeks prior to workshops unless the website allows delegates to book it online over last minute.
If delegate decides to cancel his/her attendance after booking within 30 minutes, then No Refund will be applicable. If Delegate decides to cancel his/her attendance more than 22 business days to start the workshop, then No Refund will be granted.
If CTP cancels the training, we reserve the right to reschedule training dates and to make necessary arrangement for successful delivery of session.

2. Online Training 

All cancellations must be notified over email and should get acknowledgement and the refunds will be provided as below:
Within 10 Days of registration or 14 days prior training day.
After 10 Days of registration, late cancellation and after accumulating 30 minutes of training: No refund will be applicable.
If refund is approved by management; delegates will be paid back the same mode of payment they used to make the payment, unless otherwise agreed on different terms.
Delegates making any dispute over the service or offerings will not be entertained.

5. Copyrights:

All intellectual property rights for all course materials shall remain the property of Cisco Training Perth (CTP). The Client agrees not to reproduce, disseminate, sell, hire, lend, or copy the course materials or use them except for the purpose of personal reference. The Cisco Training Perth warrants that it will not knowingly include any copyright material in its course materials without licence, consent, or attribution.

6. Intellectual Property:

  • The website, including content, design, organization, layout, and software code are subject to copyright and intellectual property rights that are owned by Cisco Training Perth.
  • The re-use of illustrations, photographs, diagrams, or videos featured on Cisco Training Perth website, without attribution, is prohibited under all circumstances. The deletion or alteration of proprietary rights, including copyright and trademarks, is prohibited under all circumstances.
  • All products and services of Cisco Training Perth without limitation are protected by Australian copyrights, trademarks, and are subject to intellectual property rights. Therefore, all intellectual property belongs to Cisco Training Perth, its related companies, its affiliates, or suppliers.
  • The use of Cisco Training Perth name or logo is prohibited under all circumstances unless prior written consent is obtained from the Company.
  • The Cisco Training Perth does not accept responsibility for intellectual property used during any training provided that does not show an affiliation to Cisco Training Perth. Any intellectual property used in a training course, including the course itself, is protected by limitations laid out in Australian copyright law, and is subject to intellectual property rights.
  • If we are making a bespoke course, we require a predefined specification to adhere to. In the absence of such predefined specifications, we will adhere to our own guidelines of what we view as “fit for purpose”. If no specification was provided, Cisco Training Perth shall not be held responsible for any losses incurred because of the provided service.
  • You may not copy, sell, reproduce, distribute, download, modify, display, or prepare derivative works based on, repost, transmit, or otherwise use any of the intellectual property of Cisco Training Perth website or course materials. The information on this site is provided “as is” and without any warranties.
  • Cisco Training Perth does not accept responsibility of content of any third-party sites that may be referenced by Cisco Training Perth. The following activities are strictly prohibited: use of robots, material dissemination, other automatic device, or manual process to monitor or copy the site of any of its content or the replication of this site to any server.