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Get job after CCNA in Perth Australia

Get job after CCNA in Perth Australia

Networking jobs are always secure, high in demand, and well paid. So what jobs you can get after CCNA in Perth Australia

The world of information technology can be incredibly rewarding even when it is highly competitive. As an IT professional, you can take on a variety of responsibilities, such as protecting your company from cybersecurity threats, setting up computers on the association’s network, or leading a team of IT specialists. The CCNA certification is a good starting point for anyone interested in a career in information technology. Here, we’ll go over the basics of the CCNA certification, as well as some of the advantages it offers, as well as some possible career paths you can take once you’ve earned it.


Is there any value in earning the CCNA credential?

In the IT industry, CCNA, or Cisco Certified Network Associate, is a sought-after certification. With the CCNA, IT professionals can demonstrate their skills and knowledge in network installation, conservation, and troubleshooting in order to land a job in the field. It is not necessary to meet any prerequisites to sit for the CCNA certification exam, but many people have some background in networking or similar areas before taking the test.

Additionally, the following are some of the many advantages of having earned your CCNA credential:

  • Payment in advance. In general, IT professionals with a CCNA certification have more negotiating power when it comes to getting paid in advance.
  • Expanded awareness to help you advance in your career, securing a job that requires only that you hold a CCNA certification is a good start.
  • There is a greater chance of being born. A CCNA credential can help you land a job in a new department, but it also makes you more marketable for promotion.

Get job after CCNA in Perth Australia


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Network engineer jobs perth australia

1. Network Engineer / Administrator

Managing the company’s networks is the primary responsibility of network support engineers. Troubleshooting problems, improving the network, managing updates, and conserving energy are just some of the things they do. They also educate employees on how to keep the network free of clutter and functioning properly. It is the job of a network support engineer to keep a network safe, assign warrants to employees, and recommend new tools or software that can improve network performance.

2. Data Center Technician / Engineer

It’s up to data centre technicians to maintain everything from servers to routers to switches in the data centre. They set up and maintain these servers, networks, and other equipment, run diagnostics to find problems, and replace items as necessary.

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3. Few more jobs which require Cisco CCNA certification training

Technical support engineer.

Network administrator

Data center technician

IT security specialist

VoIP engineer

Information security analyst

Telecom engineer

Wireless engineer


Cisco CCNA Training Perth

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Cisco Training Perth is playing significant role in developing local information technology networking skills to meet Cisco CCNA professional demand in Perth, Western Australia.

As per Australian Job Outlook, there will be a high need for computer network specialists, especially network engineers.


By attending Cisco CCNA Training with CTP, Perth Future Network Engineers will be able to transform their career into high-income jobs or acheive growth.

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